SINGLE REVIEW: Katelyn Tarver – Hurt Like That 

With her debut album ‘Subject To Change’ slated for a November 12 release, Katelyn Tarver is ready for you to get introspective and vulnerable with her. Opening up about the moments that have shaped her journey into adulthood, the singles she’s shared so far highlight heavy heartbreak (‘All our Friends Are Splitting Up’) and important self-reflection (‘Nicer’). ‘Hurt Like That’ joins the previously released singles with an alternative angry perspective on a break-up. 

As you’re standing there picking up the pieces of a shattered dream and a now distant relationship, it’s common for the deep sadness to overtake your feelings. But in other times a bitterness and anger takes over, and you just have to roll with it. That is the exact moment she channels as she explores a relationship she had where they said multiple things to her but had different actions. “You said you were in love, I hate that I believed you. Now I see what it was. You just wanted someone to make you feel like someone new” she honestly sings. But it’s the chorus that will echo in your head as you singalong to the relatable refrain. “I was blinded, Losing you was violence. You just said goodbye, I couldn’t even fight it. Broke my heart I thought I’d never get it back. I want you to hurt like that”.

Complimenting the confident energy behind the bitterness, she has adapted a pulsating pop production that is reminiscent of artists like Sasha Sloan and Phoebe Bridgers. Still holding onto her organic sound, the pulsating guitar riff and steady drums are contrasted with her dreamy vocals. There is a euphoric energy that echoes throughout as she embraces her anger, and ‘Hurt Like That’ is a pure standout track because of it.