SINGLE REVIEW: Gracie Abrams – Rockland

Gracie Abrams is a legit angel, and she’s swooping in again with heartbreaking imagery and breathtakingly beautiful melodies through her vulnerably led new single. ‘Rockland’ is a track that strangely feels like a comforting warm hug, but in reality it’s a track about breaking someone’s heart and wishing for a different outcome. 

“Bet you wish you never even met me. I don’t blame you, broke your every heartbeat” she honestly sings during the dreamy but to-the-point hook. As she steers through the verses she questions how the person is moving on without her, and if there is any possibility of a second chance and if that would even do anything. “Hey, who took my place in bed when I left? Who laughs at everything that you’ve said? I’m sure that I would like her, if I were slightly nicer”. 

Teaming up with Aaron Dessner who was one of Taylor Swift’s collaborators on ‘folklore’ and ‘evermore’, the minimalist pop ballad echoes a similar soundscape to those body’s of work. Led by an acoustic guitar, soft pop production pulsates through which echoes a comparison to a heartbeat. It’s a song that is very emotionally charged and will have you feeling a level of comfort as she puts her heart on display knowing that she fucked up and that they’ve now moved on. It’s a new level of maturity that adds a great introspective layer to her growing discography.