SINGLE REVIEW: carolesdaughter – My Mother Wants Me Dead

Carolesdaughter is one of the artists leading the way in a resurgence of emo laden alt pop-rock. Vulnerably charged, the Californian singer-songwriter has quickly built an impressive online following through candidly sharing her story with substance abuse, addiction, and depression. The next single highlighted is the paranoia filled ‘My Mother Wants Me Dead’, and it’s a total banger. 

Taking a light-hearted approach to the serious topic of paranoia and drug induced psychosis, she explores the extreme feelings that start to feel so normalised in the moment. “These drugs are fucking with my head. I think my mailman is a fed. I know my mother wants me dead cause she hates the smell of cigarettes” she sings. Acknowledging that she knows her mother doesn’t actually want her dead, it’s just an example of the extreme nature of these thoughts.

The short and punchy track times in at only 1 minute and 45 seconds, but she manages to pack in a riot amount of energy with electrifying guitars and drums interwoven with glitchy synths. The hook is one you can already imagine bouncing around to in a mosh-pit and screaming out in a total catharsis. Do we wish the song was longer? Obviously, because it’s genuinely that good. But with its short duration it is an easy song to have on continuous replay.