SINGLE REVIEW: Phebe Starr – Air 

Phebe Starr has been an instrumental force in the local Australian music scene over the past couple of years as a collaborator as well as crafting her own unique slice of electro-pop. With her debut album ‘Heavy Metal Flower Petal’ finally slated for a 16 February 2022 release, the Sydney based singer-songwriter is ready to open this vulnerable chapter and share her vision. 

‘Air’ is a glimpse into the introspective and therapeutic world that this album has become for her. Saturated in reflective heartbreak, this song dives into the heavy feelings of experiencing this pain over and over again, and wondering how much you can physically and mentally take it. “Don’t ever say you’re sorry and not mean it” she sings during the opening moments of the song before she questions “How many times can the heart break. How many times can it all take till it all comes down”. But one of the important lyrical layers added to this reflection is the pulsating chemistry that keeps you returning to the love and lust that drove your feelings, and how natural it was to be with them. “When I lay beside you and you lay beside me, we’re electrifying. Nothing between us but the air” she euphorically sings. 

Embodying the distinct contrast of emotions, the production has this mix of emotionally centred moments as well as a breezy euphoric relay. With a strong guitar baseline, reverbed vocals and pulsating percussion, it has this shimmery edge that helps make it a repetitive listen. 

‘Air’ is a lyrical and production heavy first glimpse into the world of her debut album while really honing the catharsis of self-discovery during this time.  And it marks the beginning of so many new listeners discovering her for the first time which is truly very exciting.