SINGLE REVIEW: Sam Fischer – Hopeless Romantic

Being a hopeless romantic is something that is often looked at endearingly as you think they’re so confident within themselves to love so openly. But in fact it can actually be really disheartening and a struggle to feel so literally. As a Pisces, I personally know this feeling way too much as I find myself falling for people where love isn’t. Describing these emotions in a beautifully honest way, Sam Fischer has returned with his new single ‘Hopeless Romantic’.

The Australian raised and now Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has always vulnerably put his heart on the line through music, but this might just be my favourite introspective release of his yet. Candidly opening up about feeling so literally and heavily about someone, he highlights that he sometimes finds feelings just because he wants to romanticise that situation, when in reality they may not deserve the love or be ready to accept it. “I’ve got the heart of a hopeless romantic. Can you imagine looking for love in somewhere it’s not?” he sings during the chorus. Feeling like it’s almost a curse, he sings “I’m broken and manic” as he steers into a self-depreciating mindset for feeling this way. And this mindset is genuinely the reality of being a hopeless romantic. 

Contrasting these feelings with a moody pop and R&B infused beat, the production is immediately reminiscent of Khalid. It’s got a distinct groove to it that doesn’t hover too long over the heaviness of these feelings, and instead allows the listener to keep moving while processing. The layering of his vocals is very lush and will have you swooning over him, and maybe, just maybe, you will become the hopeless romantic here.