SINGLE REVIEW: Vera Blue – Temper 

Vera Blue can do it all. She can strip it back and give us the emotionally heavy ballads that have sweeping strings and electronically infused layers like ‘Mended’. But then she can also deliver pulsating synth bangers like recent single ‘Lie To Me’ that will have you ready to dance away all the tears. As she prepares for the release of her highly anticipated sophomore record, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has dropped another pulsating anthem. 

‘Temper’ is soaked in a 80’s soundscape of guitars, synths and drums. Sonically feeling like the older and fiery sister of ‘All The Pretty Girls’, she cohesively ties together this organic sound that amplifies her pure vocal strength. It’s a naturally easy listening track that embeds this infectious hook that will grow on you with each listen. 

Taking a different direction with her lyricism, this song hears her diving into the art of storytelling. Exploring the ideology that “red heads are naturally fiery”, she fictionally paints this vivid imagery of pushing someone away with her temper when all she really wants to do is pull them closer and get to know them deeper. “Please excuse my temper, I don’t mean to be rude. I just wanna get a little closer to you. I know I should know better. I’d just hate to lose your love to my short fuse” she sings during the festival ready chorus.

‘Temper’ is another strong window into the world of her forthcoming sophomore record that will have you excited to hear what she’s dreaming up.