SINGLE REVIEW: Charley – Arizona 

Earlier this year Charley introduced herself to the world with the Bonnie McKee and Katy Perry inspired debut single ‘Hard For Me’. Injecting some early 2000’s pop nostalgia into our lives with a chorus that naturally oozes, she highlighted how sometimes minimalism is the answer to everything. Returning with her highly anticipated follow-up single ‘Arizona’, she looks towards the future for her sonical references. 

Staying in the minimalist lane, ‘Arizona’ hears the Sydney based singer-songwriter drawing inspiration from the likes of Julia Michaels and Sasha Sloan. With a sweeping pop production led by acoustic guitar and a simple off-beat pop beat intertwined later with drums, the emphasis becomes on her vocal delivery with the powerful lyrics taking centre stage.  

Anxiety is a rough time, and everyone who suffers from it experiences it differently. But this song hears Charley candidly explaining her experience with social anxiety getting the best of her in moments where she knows it would be good to be with her friends, but not being able to shake the voices and feelings in her head that make it impossible for her to calm herself down. “Suddenly don’t wanna be here now. Heating up tryna speak out loud. Need to break through. I need you to slap me and say that I’m safe here sitting on this sofa. Sweatin’ like it’s Arizona” she sings during the chorus. But one of the most powerful sentiments of this song is her acknowledging that she knows that she is actually not defined by her anxiety, and that she offers more than this crippling feeling. “Make me sane. Make it stop. Cause I’m more than the voices I got” she proclaims before also admitting “Cause I’m more than the shake in my legs”. These are personal affirmations that some listeners may need to hear and sing out loud for themselves, and hopefully it will bring them comfort knowing they aren’t alone in experiencing these feelings. 

Immediately capturing you within the first listen, the production has this sweeping effect that will have you ready to feel all the emotions of anxiety with her. ‘Arizona’ is a really special and important song that cements Charley as a very exciting newcomer in the Australian pop landscape.