SINGLE REVIEW: Georgia Mae – Gentle 

Finding her unique voice and direction, Georgia Mae has returned with her boldest and most self-assured release yet. ‘Gentle’ hears the Brisbane based singer-songwriter really claiming who she wants to be as an artist, and cementing the message she wants to share with the world. 

Playing as a commentary on climate change, she boldly asserts her anxieties about a topic she feels so passionately about. Climate change is a very real thing that doesn’t get spoken about enough through this form of media. So by using her platform, she’s really taking a stand and sharing this vulnerable side that artists regularly brush aside as a fear of coming across too “political”. But instead, she embraces it but asking the simple question; “Can we be a bit more gentle?” during the gorgeous hook. Setting the tone immediately through the opening line; “On my parents porch back home. Looking out, thinking bout how it was 10,000 years ago. It all went up in smoke just like that”, she visually paints the picture of how drastically our environmental landscape has changed, and still is. 

Sonically she contrasts this important message with a slick and polished pop production that feels reminiscent of Eves Karydas’ recent material. With an organic grounding highlighted through the instrumentation, her artistry is still present even though there is a strong pop mix. The fusion of vocals during the final chorus is a real pop star moment, and adds the exact amount of subtle sonical growth this song needed.