SINGLE REVIEW: flowerkid – vodka orange juice

Content Warning: Suicidal Ideation and gender dysphoria 

flowerkid is the ultra-vulnerable and therapeutic project from Sydney based artist Flynn Sant. Through the coming-of-age singles ‘Late Night Therapy’ and ‘miss andry’, he’s been boldly introducing himself to listeners and made himself an artist that you NEED to get acquainted with. His debut EP ‘everyone has a breaking point’ will finally be released on November 11, and promises to be an honest and introspective reflection of his experience as a trans person, and issues around gender dysphoria, trans suicide and mental health.

His new single ‘vodka orange juice’ is one of his most honest releases yet and perfectly sets the tone of the heaviness that surrounds this upcoming body of work. Reflecting on his struggles with body dysphoria, he recounts some of the comments that have been made to him at parties over the years. “He says, the girls want a real boy, and you’re not that” he emotionally sings before admitting; “I didn’t sign up for this life but i’m doing the best that I can, and it gets hard sometimes. Boy i’ve tried to commit suicide multiple times”.

Contrasted with a light and moody production, everything feels very stripped back with the emphasis on his heartbreaking one-take vocal delivery which hears him start crying during the final chorus. But the raw intensity of the lyrics is the true centrepiece of this track as it’s his honesty and vulnerability that is so proudly on display. By opening up about his personal experience, this song becomes a comfort of reassurance to others in a similar situation that they are not alone and that things will get better. 

If you’re in Australia and you’re struggling with mental health, Lifeline is available on 13 11 14. And for international readers, a list of individual country services is HERE