It’s been 13 years since Katy Perry released the generation defining single ‘I Kissed A Girl’. With its direct and explicit lyrics, the controversy she attracted was groundbreaking, but she gave a voice in mainstream media to so many queer people who needed it. FLETCHER has reimagined the queer classic and put her spin on the chorus to ultimately pay homage to a song that changed her life lyrically and to tell her own experience with sexuality. 

“I kissed a girl and I liked it, sipped hеr like an Old Fashioned. I kissed a girl and she liked it, it’s better than I imagined. Ooh, she took my heart and my number, don’t think I’ll recover” she sings during the trademark hook. Diving into a scenario where she meets someone who takes her breath away, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ hears her re-telling all of the intimate and steamy moments that are stuck on a loop in her mind. 

Connecting again with Australian producer Kito after the global success of ‘Bitter’, the two creatives have dreamt up a soundscape that has a dreamy and intoxicating moodiness to it. Keeping to a minimalist foundation, she intertwines a simple guitar loop with a slight trap influenced pop beat that keeps that rhythm at a seductive tone. 

‘Girls Girls Girls’ is a song that celebrates queerness, and we genuinely need more songs like this at a mainstream level.