SINGLE REVIEW: Oh Boy feat. Ninajirachi – viBrAtE 

After taking home one of triple j’s Level Up Grants last year, Oh Boy has finally returned with the first single since his 2019 EP ‘Brentwood Heights’. Returning to his hyper-pop roots, he’s collaborated with Ninajirachi to give a chaotically brilliant dancefloor anthem. Truly levelling up, ’viBrAtE’ is a song that sonically celebrates living in the now and just wanting to dance during the toughest times even if it’s just about the most trivial things. 

Ninajirachi’s rap in the second verse is EVERYTHING with that foot to the floor beat bringing you back to the early 2000’s. If the Vengaboy’s were still creating original music in 2021, and maybe were a little under the influence, then this is a song they would be incredibly jealous of and wanting to release. It’s camp, playful, chaotic (in the best way possible), and absolutely memorable. 

Capturing the annoying situation of your phone vibrating during the night while you’re trying to sleep, Ninajirachi importantly exclaims “fuck my phone off”. Importantly incorporating the sound of a phone vibrating, the track cohesively brings you a killer hyper-pop track designed to get you on the floor, as well as cinematically place you in this blurry house party.