SINGLE REVIEW: bbno$ feat. Rebecca Black – yoga

bbno$ has just released his sixth studio album ‘eat ya veggies’, and he’s proving himself to be an artist that is only getting progressively stronger with each release. The final single ‘yoga’ featuring pop culture icon Rebecca Black is one of his catchiest and most pop-centred releases yet. The rising Canadian-Armenian rapper, singer and songwriter has captured a sound that is ready to pack dancefloors and ignite singalong’s wherever it’s played. 

In classic bbno$ fashion, the lyrics are ridiculously stupid and don’t necessarily make sense cohesively. But what he delivers is some down-right incredible one-liners that you will be ready to quote and post every where. Here are some of my favourites;  

“She wanna be a Barbie girl, I’m a Ken, duh” // I mean, yes, he IS correct. We are all Barbie or Ken in our main character fantasies. 

“Bitch, we getting down like Rebecca” // Obviously referencing his icon collaborator’s viral debut single with her famous line “gotta get down on Friday”. 

“Dumb lyrics, I’m dumb rich, though. You a critic? I’m Fantano” // With the criticism of his success along with his joke attitude, he confirms that he doesn’t give a fuck because firstly; he’s rich. And secondly; who’s to say that his (or anyone else’s opinion is any less than a reviewer like Fantano. 

“Only got one ball, but my arm strong” // Whether this is fact or not, this line is genius. 

Injecting a disco infused pop beat with bouncy synths, the production on the track is euphoric, and captures the playful side of his and Rebecca’s artistries really well. It’s genuinely a really fun track and will have you read to glide into the Australian summer.