SINGLE REVIEW: Will Hyde – fukced up

Complimenting the coming-of-age tone of his recent singles ‘boy’ and ‘our neighbors’, rising newcomer Will Hyde is excitingly continuing that personal unravelling with his forthcoming new EP. Slated for a December 10 release, ‘nothing ever changes’ takes the foundations from his debut EP ‘dark until september’ and highlights a mature growth in his lyricism and production. 

New single ‘fukced up’ is another slice of alt-pop perfection. Taking his experimental roots and pushing his sound further, he adds crunching guitars and dominating drums to the mix to deliver this angsty and emotional release of feelings. Contrasting the darkness of the lyrics with a some-what euphoric production, the track has this liberating and edgy kick that feels like a gradual growth from songs like ‘over u’ and ‘easy for u’. 

It’s so easy to get lost in your feelings and feel swayed from the pressures we all experience in our day-to-day lives, but sometimes we just need to step back and be alone with our thoughts. Exploring that idea, Will gets really introspective with his lyrics and allows those self deprecating thoughts to seep through. “I’m always an outsider, but I sorta like how it feels” he admits early in the song before singing “the thoughts inside my head that tell me drown, drown, drown”. But it’s the chorus that hears him poignantly confessing, “yeah, I’m so fucked up”, that will continue to ring in your head, and find you relating pretty hard. It’s another VERY strong song from Will Hyde that hears him further connecting with listeners while also providing an absolute banger.