SINGLE REVIEW: Sarah Wolfe – Killing Time

Following in the footsteps of her genre switching pop-punk centred single ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’, Sarah Wolfe has returned with another dominative track after signing to Cooking Vinyl Australia. ‘Killing Time’ hears the Sydney based singer-songwriter continuing her swirling guitars and drums influenced soundscape while still holding onto her pop roots. 

Opening with a grungy drum beat, crunching guitars, and a mysterious dark pop beat, she immediately gives the listener this fusion of sounds that has a very nostalgic mix. Using light and shade to pull the listener back before the riot of a chorus that follows, Sarah and producer Xavier Dunn contrast the introspective lyrical exploration with a very positive and angsty layered production. With a singalong ready hook immediately getting stuck in your head, this is a song that you know will pop-the-fuck-off in her future live shows. 

Reflecting on her personal experience with social anxiety, this track is a timely embodiment of what it is to live with this constant feeling of not being enough, and that people don’t want you around, or that you don’t offer anything exciting to the world. With relatable little excerpts like “text me so I can ignore it. I’m scared that I’m boring” she perfectly describes those feeling so well with the right amount of self deprecating humour. “I’m not living I’m just killing time. Caught up in the tangle of your lives. Suffocating on my own supply” she then sings during the big chorus.

It’s easy to get lost within these feelings and self sabotage yourself by staying home and not talking to people, and then feel like you’re not living life to its potential. So this song is an anthem for anyone who finds themselves in that headspace and needs to let some frustration out.