SINGLE REVIEW: Sody – Bitch (I Said It) 

At the end of 2020 Sody broke our hearts and put them back together again with the beautifully introspective EP ‘real growth takes time’. Bringing together this cinematic vision of emotions, she captivated listeners and showcased a huge growth in her songwriting. Fast track to October 2021 and the British singer-songwriter is about to headline two sold out shows in London, and she has a new anthem ready for the crowd to scream along to. 

‘Bitch (I Said It)’ is by far her most confident release yet. Immediately owning her words and her voice, this track glides its way into your head with its ear worm hook and sassy attitude. With a similar off-beat pop production to ‘Butterfly’ during the verses, she adds layers of piano and guitars to the chorus to give it a dominative perspective. The hook has so much punch to it without being overcooked production wise, and the addition of simple “la, la, la’s” at the end is very smart. 

We all have those people in our lives that just take a little too much. They wear you down and leave you feeling exhausted. You know that you need to distance yourself away from them but you find yourself silencing yourself over and over again. That can only go on for so long before you begin to unravel yourself, and that’s what Sody explores on this very honest song where she finally puts her foot down. “I tried to call you today to apologize for your mistakes. I guess I’m just so used to it, being the one that’s in the wrong and taking all the blame. I’m glad you didn’t pick up. I swear to God I’m better off” she sings during the opening moment of the song before later proclaiming “I know I said it but I don’t regret it cause you’re still so pathetic, yeah. I really meant it and I wish I could change you but I fucking hate you, and it’s time that someone told you how it is, bitch”. Oooft, she did not hold back at all, and we are living for the main character energy!

Along with its catchy hook and very honest lyrics, ‘Bitch (I Said It)’ is one of Sody’s best releases yet. You will become immediately obsessed after the very first listen, and rightfully so.