SINGLE REVIEW: Gracie Abrams – Feels Like 

Gracie Abrams is currently in the middle of her ‘I’ve Missed You, I’m Sorry Tour’ US tour, and she’s surprise dropped a new song along with the announcement of a new US tour which kicks off in February 2022. ‘Feels Like’ is one of the Californian singer-songwriter’s brightest releases yet, and hears her tapping into this breezy cinematic soundscape. 

Reflecting on the moments that shape a relationship whether it be romantic or friendship, she explores how just being with them is enough. It’s the rush of adrenaline where anything is possible, and the journey to wherever you are going is more important than the actual destination. “I would do whatever you wanted. We don’t have to leave the apartment. Met you at the right time. This is what it feels like” she sings during the dreamy chorus. 

The reflective track has moments of tender vulnerability that is then contrasted by her most pop driven production yet. Taking the emotional roots, she transforms it into this celebration of the little moments of life. It’s the soundtrack of walking down the street with the ones you love the most, and laughing at something that maybe no one else finds funny. It feels warm and comforting, just like how those actual moments do.