SINGLE REVIEW: Cheslea Cutler – Devil On My Shoulder 

We’ve come a long way when it comes to stigmas surrounding mental health, but so much work still needs to be done. But it’s artists like Chelsea Cutler who are continually breaking down the walls and intimately sharing their experiences to help others not feel so alone. With her sophomore studio album ‘When I Close My Eyes’ slated for an October 15 release, the singer-songwriter has shared one of her most vulnerable tracks yet.

‘Devil On My Shoulder’ is written about her personal experience with depression and anxiety. It’s a candid, honest and direct track that doesn’t hold back from describing the pain and confusion she feels. It’s deeply relatable, and if you find yourself in a similar headspace and experiencing these very physical emotions then hopefully it will bring you some comfort. 

Chelsea’s lyrics have always been the thing has stood out to me the most. She has this really gentle way of serving you honest and direct truths that you know you needed to hear. This track is really heavy on the heart, but these lyrics are so special because they come from such a dark and important place. “Help me, I’m still waiting for someone to tell me this won’t last forever, but it’s hell for me, just to remind myself I’m supposed to breathe. And there ain’t nobody else that can help me. Screaming in the shower isn’t healthy” she sings during the chorus. But it’s the heartbreaking line “I’m not the person that I’m supposed to be” that will ring in your head for hours after listening to it. 

Complimenting the deeply personal sentiment of the track, the piano led production keeps it really minimalistic and allows her vocal delivery and lyricism to be the important centrepiece. Adding some ethereal gospel inspired production to grow the second half of the track, it allows the song to have a positive foreshadowing for the future of the listener, as it does get better. 

If you’re in Australia and you’re struggling with mental health, Lifeline is available on 13 11 14. And for international readers, a list of individual country services is HERE