After delivering 2 years of continuous bangers, Townsville based singer-songwriter GENES is finally dropping ‘The Super Single EP’ on October 21. Serving one more single before unveiling her debut body of work, she’s tapped into a deep introspection on what she’s like to date.

Exploring the way she pushes people away when she gets close to them, ‘Friendzone’ is lyrically one of her most honest releases yet. Her lyricism has always had a playful quirk that contrasts the emotional layering. For example look at the sassy energy at the forefront of ‘Better’, and then when you strip everything away it’s actually about her finding ways to deal with a breakup and feel okay with losing someone that she really did care about. Tapping into that energy, she almost celebrates her ability to put people in the friend zone while also wishing she wasn’t like that this time around. “I’ll finish your sentences, then ignore your messages” she admits before proclaiming“I keep saying hell no, too close, put the good ones in the friend zone”. 

This is a track that has been in her live set for the past year and always brings a pulsating energy to the stage with its playful manner. Heavily inspired by Carly Rae Jepsen, it feels like a song that could’ve easily found its way onto ‘E.MO.TION’. It doesn’t try too hard to be anything but a playful pop song that injects a carelessness into the with a radiating energy. With a hint of the early 2000’s intertwined, it’s a song you could imagine on your So Fresh CD ‘s, and it’s one you are going to be unapologetically humming along to all week long.