SINGLE REVIEW: Lisa Mitchell – Zombie 

It’s been a long time in-between releases for Lisa Mitchell, but the Australian singer-songwriter has been out in the world finding her unique perspective for what this next chapter holds and represents for her. With the release of her upcoming fourth studio album in an incoming orbit, she’s excitingly dropped the lead single ‘Zombie’ that sets the foundations for the introspective and honest reflections to come. 

Soaked in a dreamy alt-pop and folk infused soundscape, the track feels like an authentic and gradual growth from her last record ‘Warrior’. It has less of a shiny pop polish, and instead finds an authentic dreaminess that transports you immediately to the water. Metaphorically representing a mirror, she wants you to look at yourself in the crashing waves of life, as well as the still moments of reflection. Life is full of a lot of highs and lows, but we need to learn to embrace them both as equally passionate. It’s a magical and incredible thing to feel as literally as we do, and this song hears her exclaiming that she’s happy she’s not a zombie and is able to experience this whiplash of emotions we get to as humans. “I could die right now. I’m not scared. I like this feeling” she admits. 

Led by simple acoustic guitar chords, she builds up this soft and soothing dreamy soundscape that has an organic heart. Having the listener immediately swaying along with her, she brings them into a reflective state. It’s a tender track that doesn’t try too hard to be anything its not. Instead it’s just a genuine reflection of life and learning to live in the moment. It’s a sentiment we all need to hear, especially in these current times.

Lisa Mitchell Tour Dates

Thursday 2 December – Factory Theatre, Sydney

Thursday 9 December – Corner Hotel, Melbourne