GRAACE has always delivered honest songwriting with soothing melodies that highlight an intense vulnerability while also simultaneously comforting your soul. It’s been a little while in-between releases for the Sydney based singer-songwriter, but she’s finally returning with her highly anticipated EP slated for release in early 2022. The lead single ‘Sentimental’ is a classically styled track with simple guitar chords, a slow-burning growth in production, and her signature soft and emotionally charged vocals trickled over the top. So basically she’s ready to hit you right in the feelings all over again, and we are ready to oblige. 

Using the last two years as a time to reflect on who she wants to be not only as an artist, but also as a human, she has found a new confidence within introspection. This song has been written as a letter to her younger-self with all the wisdom she’s learnt to date, and the things she wish she could say to help her learn quicker. “I’ll wait for the right time to tell you, your stubbornness won’t help your issues. Come here baby I’ll hold you tightly. Let’s get lost with each other blindly” she soothingly sings. But it’s the lyric “Is this how the futures supposed to be. Seeing it, I’ve got this sinking feeling” that hits you directly in the feelings. 

This is a really simple and beautiful track that captures GRAACE’s maturity in songwriting, and perfectly sets the foundations for this next chapter of self-discovery. Get ready to be spell-bound.