SINGLE REVIEW: Oh Wonder – 22 Break 

“I see you in my future, the outline’s kinda faint. Tell myself to hold on, have a little faith” is one of the most honest lyrics I’ve heard in break-up song in a very long time. There are so many complex thoughts that happen during the parting of a relationship, but whatever the situation may be, there is always a deep love that lays at the bottom of it all. When we are parting ways with someone, you may not see the split as a “forever” thing, instead it might just be for right now so you can grow separately to be able to come back together stronger. But if you see that vision then it makes it even harder to let go as you care about them more than they may even know. 

Reflecting on that sentiment through their heartbreaking lead single ’22 Break’ from their forthcoming fourth studio album of the same name (out October 8!), Oh Wonder have introspectively detailed one of their most honest and vulnerable tracks yet. Written during the middle of their temporary relationship break-up, this record was a creative outpouring of love and hurt as they therapeutically aired it all out and eventually came back together. “Ohh I’m a give up, Hold my hands up, Wave a white flag. Say I fucked up, My bad, That was my bad” they harmoniously sing before admitting “But it takes two to break a heart”

Honing a natural and vulnerable soundscape with live instrumentation and a cinematic mix, the British alt-pop duo allows the heavy emotions to immediately sweep you up because that is the true centrepiece of this track and this new musical chapter. You should feel a heaviness in your heart every time you listen to this track. You should feel taken aback by how candid and honest it is as heartbreak is never easy, and sometimes we just need to hear the true grit of how it hurts and how confusing it can be. 

While this song is heartbreaking, it is also beautiful. It’s a perfect opening into this journey of understanding that they both took, and it’s immediately made this album jump into the highly anticipated category of releases for the final quarter of 2021.