SINGLE REVIEW: Katelyn Tarver – Nicer 

Soaked in introspection, Katelyn Tarver has been paving out the foundations for a very definitive moment in her career with the forthcoming release of her album ‘Subject To Change’ on November 12. With a songwriting style that feels so honest, vulnerable and warm, her growing discography has welcomed in a reflective outlook of emotions that reflects on asking whether “is this it?” when looking at life. It’s a feeling we are all accustomed to as we compare our lives to everyone else through social media, and dream of this happier version of ourselves. So this album is shaping up to be quite the directed response to a lot of our mutual feelings. 

Following in the footsteps of ‘All Our Friends Are Splitting Up’ and ‘Shit Happens’, her new single ‘Nicer’ is an intimately penned pop track all about self-reflection. Looking back at the person she used to be, she reclaims her own power and decides to set boundaries and not let people walk all over her anymore. “I used to be nicer. I was the girl who’d do anything to make everyone like her. That shit makes you tired. I used to say sorry. It wasn’t worth all the arguing” she sings during the opening moments of the song before later proclaiming; “If it’s on my mind now I don’t try and change it, cause look at all the time and energy I wasted”. 

Her songwriting style is very reminiscent of Sasha Sloan and Julia Michaels with a visually charged and detailed representation of vulnerability. There’s a cinematic flair to her writing that immediately guides the listener to be walking through the process of refection hand-in-hand with her. Sonically delivering a chilled-out pop mix with a strong guitar lead and dreamy vocals, this track feels like it could be found somewhere between Kacey Musgraves, Sasha Sloan and MUNA. 

Upon the very first listen you will be obsessed. And if you don’t know who Katelyn Tarver is yet then you will be acquainting yourself with her discography straight away because she may just have the soundtrack of your life waiting for you to hear.