SINGLE REVIEW: Harley Alaska – Lose You Too 

With a huge following hailing through TikTok, Sydney based newcomer Harley Alaska is showcasing himself as a New-gen bedroom pop artist you NEED to get acquainted with ASAP. His debut single ‘Lose You Too’ is a beautifully honest reflection on heartbreak that echoes a sentimental truth with a commercially inclined hook that’s ready to singalong to. 

Break-ups are naturally difficult. Losing the person you care about most is gut-wrenching, and one thing that isn’t talked about enough is when you’re going through that grief for a love interest, you are also losing your best friend. So while we know that it’s romantically over, we often find ourselves holding onto that friendship because you’re not ready yet to lose them completely. “And I wanna stay up late, and hang on ur every line. Think with your head babe cause I’m losing mine” he reminisces before vulnerably questioning; “I tried to call your number but you must be on the line. But if I lose you too, then who am I?”. 

Beginning with a light guitar led production mixed with a crisp-pop atmosphere, he pulls sonical references from the likes of Chelsea Cutler, Alexander 23 and LAUV to build this airy soundscape. There is a fresh sound that shines through, as well as a bit of nostalgic early 2000’s pop which has me thinking back to the days I would excitingly buy my seasonal So Fresh CD and listen to my new soundtrack of hits.

‘Lose You Too’ is a very impressive debut single for Harley Alaska that boldly cements himself as an artist to watch.  There’s no denying that he is going to be a star.