Continuing the fruity context of their debut single ‘Orange’, Fiz is back with a strong and emotional follow up. ‘Ripe’ is a song that is all about clarity. It encourages listeners to take a step back from the chaos that continually clutters our mind and appreciate the people and animals in our life who bring us a genuine source of serotonin. The calming message is that everything will be okay, and that sometimes we just need to ground ourselves, and I don’t know about you, but I needed to hear that this week. “And things are pretty good at the moment. I’m feeling ripe, it’s feeling right, I’m feeling ready” she sings. There is even a reference to her debut single with the line; “she is the orange of my eye”. 

The Melbourne based singer-songwriter has built a indie-folk sonic with a dreamy pop shimmer that immediately draws you in. Gradually building through its 3 and a half minute duration, there is a steady and calming overarching feeling that echoes throughout. Sonically found somewhere between Alex The Astronaut and Julia Jacklin, this song feels ultimately personal. The songwriting is candid and visually charged, with excerpts about Hermione the cat which will have your heart feeling really soft. 

‘Ripe’ is only Fiz’s second single, and her vision is already coming together confidently, boldly, and quite wholesomely. It’s a song that you can disassociate to, or blast while on a mid afternoon drive and want to reflect on the people you love the most and the happiness they bring to your life.