SINGLE REVIEW: Alec Benjamin – Older  

Continuing the introspective exploration of the coming-of-age moments in his life, Alec Benjamin has dropped yet another intimate embodiment of feelings. ‘Older’ is the American singer-songwriter’s intimate follow up to the grief ridden ‘The Way You Felt’. Capturing the confused and delicate feelings of growing up and going to college, he questions the stages of “what’s next?”. Like, what is expected of him moving forward? And how is he meant to feel or react to the fast paced nature of everything happening? “Guess my childhood is over. Now I’m taking down my posters. And I’m putting all my things inside a box next to a toaster. That’s my closest thing to closure” he honestly sings during the reflective hook. Moving into the next chapter he comments “Never thought I’d be twenty, and thirty don’t seem so far away. I know I gotta make a little money then maybe find somebody to call my own” before confessing “I’m not ready to get older”. 

Beginning with the simple strumming of a guitar, he paints this dreamy soundscape the builds into a swirl of thoughts and emotions with added pop production. His vocal delivery is contrasted through a mix of clean vocal takes and then layered vocal synthesiser. 

‘Older’ is a universally comforting song because we all find ourselves in a moment of shock and confusion when the reality of adulthood starts setting in. The concept of getting older isn’t something we should be shocked about as it’s something instilled in us from a very young age, but for some reason it’s always a big moment of reflection. There’s so much expectation put on us to do amazing things, or follow a particular route, and when you don’t follow someone else’s preconceived time sheet then you start to question yourself. This song captures that reflection so beautifully and provides a comforting soundscape to question all those thoughts.