SINGLE REVIEW: Foxes – Sister Ray  

Foxes is back with the exciting announcement that her highly anticipated third studio album ‘The Kick’ will finally be released on 11 February 2022. The British singer-songwriter has always delivered a distinguishable contrast of escapism and emotional introspection through her material, and this forthcoming body of work is no different. 

Lead single ‘Sister Ray’ is an immediately anthemic release of frustration and longing to experience a night of euphoric highs and debauchery. Paying a little nod to the Velvet Underground’s song of the same name, she puts her own modern take on what it is to feel trapped and need to emotionally release her thoughts through a big night out with friends in a post Covid-19 world. “We could make tonight, one of those sister ray kinda nights. Yes, your love is mythical, a ritual. Moving like a knife, it’s close enough, it’s dangerous. Gemini is your touch that’s got me” she sings during the liberating hook. 

Saturated in big dance synths, the track immediately returns you to the infectious pop confessions of ‘Body Talk’ and ‘Let Go For Tonight’. There is such a carefree and playful energy that pulsates through this song and will naturally take your feet to the closest opening so you can just start spinning around. Heavily influenced by Robyn, the production has one foot placed in nostalgia, and one foot placed in the future. It’s a bold lead single that paints a glittery foundation for what she has in store for this new album.