SINGLE REVIEW: Juno – Zero  

There is a new indie-pop duo on the scene who are ready to have you dancing and sassily confessing that you give zero fucks about someone. Juno is the new project by Kahlia Ferguson and Sam Woods who first met as members of the indie-rock group Sunflower. Stepping into a palette of pastel colours intertwined with slick synths and big pop hooks, they’ve created a sonic that is sugary and addictive. 

‘Zero’ is the first taste of what’s to come from the Brisbane based duo, and they haven’t held back from creating a bold introduction. Opening with a clean and groovy guitar riff, they layer it with a funky synth-pop production and add in some trumpets for good measure. The verses are reminiscent of Lizzo’s ‘Rumors’ with Kahlia’s sassy vocal delivery serving you a whole lot of attitude and really setting the tone for the infectious energy behind the song. 

We live in a world where everyone has something to say about everything. It’s the unfortunate reality of the inclusion of social media in our lives and having to live a life that is somewhat transparent online. Addressing rumours that were circulating about her, Kahlia had enough and blurted this song out in the studio with Sam which captured exactly what they wanted to say to the so-called friends in her corner. “Everybody got something to say about me, about us” she sings before letting them know exactly how she feels; “And this is the sound of me giving exactly zero fucks”. 

‘Zero’ is a carefree song that oozes this confident and playful energy we all need in our lives right now. It’s an impressive debut single that will immediately have you intrigued to hear what is to come from this exciting new duo.