SINGLE REVIEW: Thomston – Honeymoon  

The honeymoon period of a relationship is always so interesting. You can be so infatuated by someone that you lose all comprehension of red flags and introspective thoughts that are actually needed to keep a relationship healthy and alive. Sometimes the honeymoon period abruptly finishes and you’re left seeing something for the very first time, and the relationship you knew is suddenly so different. That idea is what Thomston has explored on his pulsating new single poignantly titled ‘Honeymoon’. 

The New Zealand born, and Los Angeles based, singer-songwriter immediately sets the tone with the honest and visually charged lyrics; “The honeymoon, it faded with the heat. And I’m holding you but my grip is weak”. As he steers into the chorus he embraces the sentiment and sings; “Now we’re out of the honeymoon. We don’t touch like we used to. The nights feel longer than the days do”. These honest reflections are so universal and anyone that has been in an eye-opening situation will have their heart beating extra fast as they hear these lyrics. 

Saturated in a dark-synth pop soundscape, this track has a 80’s synth base that has been modernised and is reminiscent of recent Troye Sivan. The dreamy and glittery production is truly lush to its very core, and is sonically the polar opposite to his recent singles ‘JPA989’ and ‘Magnolia’. There is a commercial pop edge to the hook that will get stuck in your head immediately and will have the hook echoing in your head for hours.