SINGLE REVIEW: Navvy – Rock Bottom 

Navvy is a pop star and she wants to make sure that you know that. The New Zealand singer-songwriter has so far delivered a back catalog of shimmery and emotional indie-pop songs that have broken our hearts and simultaneously pieced them back together. With the pulsating ‘Pieces’ last year hinting at the Robyn inspired dance floor heartbreak she wanted to create, her return to music is a bold affirmation to that sentiment. 

‘Rock Bottom’ is THE pop moment for Navvy. It’s the track that will have you pressing replay over and over again just so you can hear the intoxicating hook one more time. Saturated in a story of heartbreak, the production takes on a confident persona as she celebrates the parting of ways, and wishes a little bit of karma their way. It’s a “revenge is sweeter” mantra that we all need to embrace every now and then because it is healthy to feel through the emotions, and if that is to get angry, then own it. “I want you to hit rock bottom” she echoes in the bridge. But there are some real honest and vulnerable lyrics during the verses like; “traded out our world for a single night. Now you see your future in her eyes instead of mine” which will hit you right in the chest. 

With a pulsating synth baseline driving the song’s production, there is a heavy Robyn influence intertwined with recent Zara Larsson and Dua Lipa. Immediately transporting you to the dance floor, this song is a cry it out through dancing the night away moment. It’s cathartic, empowering, and the perfect amount of chaotic energy to wave goodbye to your ex to.