SINGLE REVIEW: Edan Mcgovern – Fair Weather  

Sydney based creative Edan Mcgovern is bridging the gap between multi-faced art forms and using different platforms to share alternative sides of her personality. Through stand-up comedy, she has been able to contrast vulnerability with hilarious storytelling and capture a global audience through viral TikTok videos. She then took that approach into songwriting where she has been top-lining before getting in front of the mic and finding her voice. Giving the world her playful rap debut single ‘Hamlet’ as a low-key joke, she realised she wanted to get deeper with her messaging and sound, and create music that had wit but found heart within vulnerability too.

Her new single ‘Fair Weather’ is the perfect example of honing that ideal contrast, and provides listeners a real introduction to who the Edan Mcgovern is behind all the jokes. Conceptually looking at how people get paid millions to break down in reality TV shows when she does it for free on socials, she had this playful angle of “can’t someone exploit my pain for money?”. With that in mind she started writing, and the concept evolved into how we love to capitalise on people’s hard times and see a tortured artist suffer publicly because it makes “good entertainment”. So she channeled her own backstory with how she grew up with a father who struggled with Bipolar and drug addiction, and ushered it into a whole new candid light. “I’m always on the run from my last mistake. Can’t wait to hate who I became” she honestly sings. 

Layering that vulnerable lyrical exploration with a dark-pop production, she taps Ashnikko and Post Malone as sonical references, but with clean vocals. Building this arena-ready moody bounce, the production has moments of light and shade as she retreats sonically to airy space and then drops this addictive beat that also has a cinematic atmosphere intertwined.

‘Fair Weather’ is the beginning of a new musical journey for Edan Mcgovern. It’s a step away from being the comedian who released a viral song, and a step towards an acclaimed musician in her own right with a strong message and heart behind the creative intent.