SINGLE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Angel Baby 

Troye Sivan is continually serving us the queer pop anthems we deserve to have in this world, and the ARIA award winning singer-songwriter isn’t slowing down with the release of another dreamy introspective moment. 

‘Angel Baby’ can only be best described as an arena-ready, 90’s inspired, queer boyband power ballad. Filled with pure nostalgia, this song transports you into this dreamy headspace where you can only think about your smitten adoration towards someone. It’s a cheesy love story that feels absolutely genuine, because when you do fall in love, it feels like you’re the main character in a cheesy rom-com. “I just wanna live in this moment forever cause I’m afraid that living couldn’t gеt any better. Started giving up on thе world forever until you give up heaven so we could be together. You’re my angel baby” he confesses during the glittery hook. 

The 90’s pop-laden synths layer this ballad so beautifully and immediately sets a distinct mood. ‘Angel Baby’ deserves to be the slow-dance song at every queer prom moving forward. It’s a track that is filled with love, adoration, and the confidence to be so present and in-charge of your emotions. No matter whether you’re in love right now or not, this song will make you think of someone special to you. Whether that’s a present person, or someone from your past that you will always have a special place in your heart for. So basically what I’m trying to say is, prepare for ALL the feelings.