SINGLE REVIEW: Marloe – I Like Girls 

Bisexual representation is something that is extremely needed in media, and especially in music. Typically there is a cliche representation of bisexuality that is shown and has created this stigma within the queer community which is incorrect and outdated. Brisbane singer-songwriter Marloe is ready to open up about her sexuality and share her self-discovery journey with realising she was bisexual through an anthemic and refreshing pop soundscape. 

‘I Like Girls’ is pretty straight to the point, and there is nothing straight about it. She vulnerably finds the words to say out loud that she is bisexual at 25 years old, and highlights that everyone is on their own individual journey of self-exploration. There is no right or wrong way to come out, and there is no right or wrong way to process those thoughts. She explains through the track that she has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop he remind wandering and feeling this particular way. Sexuality isn’t black or white, and thats what this song highlights. “I’m pretty sure my boyfriend won’t mind. So why does it feel like I’m committing a crime? I think I’ve felt this before, I won’t lie. If it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right” she sings before admitting “I like girls. I think they’re pretty cute, oh girls”. 

There is a freeing confidence behind this track that charges through the honest lyrics and is then playfully contrasted by the electric pop production. Led by a guitar baseline and steady drum beat, there is a very upbeat and euphoric energy that immediately oozes throughout the 3 minute duration. 

‘I Like Girls’ is a very honest and playful track that cements Marloe as a Queensland pop act you need to keep your eye on alongside DOOLIE, HANNI, Genes and Beks.