Following the release of their most pop-assertive record yet, ‘Don’t Feed The Pop Monster’ in 2019, BROODS have returned with an anthemic arena ready hook soaked in a cinematic soundscape. ‘Piece Of My Mind’ is the New Zealand duo’s lead single from their forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Space Island’. Bringing the listener into the retrospective space world that this new concept album sits within, it immediately feels like an escapism. 

Exploring the idea of trying to escape from our problems, lead vocalist Georgia Nott highlights the paradoxes we face in doing so. The more we indulge in unhealthy coping mechanisms, the more we are reminded of what we are running away from. It’s this awful catch 22 that always finds a way to prominently remind you of the thing/person you’re missing.  “I get high, fly away, trynna get away from my life”  she sings before adding “I get high, fly away, trynna get a piece of my mind”. This song thematically plays as the opening track to the album and foreshadows an introspective journey of self-worth and growth. 

Capturing a distinct contrast between the honest lyrics, the production has this very bright and anthemic tone that feels like it was perfectly crafted for their explosive live show. Continuing on from the synth layered experimentation on their last album, there is a contrasts of light and shade that feeds the listener these big pulsating bursts of energy. 

It’s very exciting to have BROODS back serving us big pop monster hooks that you’ll be ready to dance to in a sweaty mosh pit at a summer Festival. And coincidently, the sibling duo are returning to Perth and Brisbane over New Years for Factory Summer Festival, so get ready to euphorically scream along to ‘Piece Of My Mind’ with them there. 

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