SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid – Burning Bridges

Sigrid isn’t holding back from giving us big pulsating synth-pop tracks that will have you immediately wanting to be in the middle of a sea of people at a festival screaming the lyrics back at her. Making her big return with the glittery 80’s inspired ‘Mirror’, she’s keeping you well fed with another epic anthem. 

‘Burning Bridges’ is THE track you could imagine she’d open her new I’ve set with. From the early distortion mixing into a blur of synths, the energy is immediately high and has this euphoric energy embedded. Intertwining sonical similarities from ‘Mirror’, there is a heavy 80’s meets early 2000’s dance-pop influence that shines through with its bright energy. The pulsating aesthetic is so infectious and will have you ready to have the song on a continuous loop. 

Reflecting on a relationship that has gone sour, the Norwegian singer-songwriter finds herself getting stuck in the toxicity of it because she’s scared to let go. Finally finding the confidence to cut ties, she lets her other half go so she can focus on being confident within herself again. “You gotta let it go, sometimes you just can’t fix it. You love somebody, love somebody, but you gotta let them go before you go down with ‘em. Can’t love somebody who loves burning bridges” she sings during the liberating hook. 

‘Burning Bridges’ is a summer anthem full of hope as you learn to let go and find your feet as an individual again. It’s a major song for Sigrid that you’ll have stuck in your head for hours.