SINGLE REVIEW: Evie Irie – Bleed

Fresh off the back of touring the country with Amy Shark, Evie Irie is finally releasing one of her punchiest tracks yet, ‘Bleed’. The angsty punk-pop moment was an absolute highlight in her live set with its crossover of recent Willow meets nostalgic Gwen Stefani energy. Sometimes it’s really hard to capture that high intensity energy in a studio recording, but she’s undoubtedly succeeded in finding that contrast between it feeling raw but shiny. 

With the uniting “da da dada dada” sirening in the song, this chant immediately adds an anthemic element to the song that will be ringing in your head for hours. Made with her live show in mind, it explodes with gritty guitar riffs and dark electronic synths that add this pulsating energy. Making you want to run around in a mosh pit and yell into the atmosphere, it really is just a giant mood.

Written about her menstrual cycle, there are some epic quotable lyrics like “I want attention like everything is all about me” and the slick hook “Don’t always get what you need. Call me scissors, cut you off. You only get what you bleed”. 

The anthemic and angsty track is one of her strongest releases yet and it leans into the pop rock energy behind recent single ‘The Idea Of You’ which was an absolute smash in its own right.