SINGLE REVIEW: BAYNK feat. Cub Sport – Mine

Opening a new chapter musically earlier this year, New Zealand-born artist BAYNK has boldly re-introduced himself to listeners with a trio of bold and defining electronic infused pop and RNB tracks. Recent single ‘Esther’ featuring Tinashe has exploded worldwide and ignited a whole lot of hype around this new project. Following in its footsteps, his third single ‘Mine’ featuring Brisbane based angels Cub Sport is the romantic coming-of-age track we all need in our lives. 

With a dark and brooding electronic beat pulsating throughout the duration of the song, there is a really beautiful contrast highlighted through Tim Nelson’s angelic vocals complimenting a light and shade within the song. The song finds its stride through simplicity as they allow the beautiful lyrics and honest vocal delivery be the centrepiece of this little slice of heaven. 

Written as a reflection on the early moments of Nelson’s relationship with now-husband Sam Netterfield, it touches on the shrouded secrecy that came from both of them not having come to terms with their sexuality yet. There was distinct contrast between the exciting moments of falling in love with someone, and then a direct heaviness with having to hide that side of you. That contrast is then reflected through the production and vocal delivery so beautifully with its vivid commentary. “We’re in the back of your car. It’s in the back of my mind. I feel your hand on my knee. It kind of feels like you’re mine” Nelson sings as he reminisces on those early moments. 

‘Mine’ is a lush electronic pop moment for BAYNK which cements him as an artist that you NEED to jump on board the hype train of. With each listen you will fall deeper in love with this moody and romantic track.