5 Songs You Should Listen To From The New Lorde Album: Solar Power

Lorde is an artist who cant “expect” anything in particular because she’s always going to deliver the complete opposite. And her highly anticipated third studio album ‘Solar Power’ is the perfect example of that. Following the heavy acclaim and success from ‘Melodrama’, the New Zealand singer-songwriter could’ve gone down the obvious commercial path that songs like ‘Green Light’ and ‘Supercuts’ opened up for her. But instead she’s created the most authentically honest album that represents who she is in this current moment which just happens to be a polarising dreamlike state. 

Stepping out of the darkness, ‘Solar Power’ hears her finding her confidence in the light. With breezy production led by acoustic guitar and smooth melodies, she pulls references from the early 2000’s and artists like Lana Del Rey and Clairo with her delivery. With an important connection to her environment and surroundings, she wants to encourage the listener to feel connected with their thoughts and physical surroundings instead of being so focused on social media and the life we live through our screens. It’s a message that we really should be sharing and embracing more than ever before with the current state of the world

Intended to be listened from start to finish, this record is truly a Vinyl album. But it’s also the perfect soundtrack to experience watching a summer’s evening sunset. The sun-soaked production will immediately transport you to summer, while the introspective lyrics will have you thinking about the past, present and future in a contrasting manner. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Solar Power’ we’ve compiled 5 of the best songs from the album that you NEED to listen to. Check it out BELOW;

5. The Path

Immediately setting the tone of the album, ‘The Path’ details the journey she’s been on since the release of ‘The Love Club’ right up to the present moment where she’s dealing with the celebrity status that now follows her. It’s very much the sonical embodiment of “this is where I’m at right now” and it lyrically feels very direct. 

The slow-burning track begins very minimalistic and begins to build with this slightly psychedelic pop production that is almost Willy Wonka inspired. With the lyrics “Let’s hope the sun will show us the path” echoing through the chorus, she highlights this new direction she’s heading in. But hidden in the lyrics is some classic Lorde reflections, like the line “Cause we are all broken and sad” which is absolutely true. 

4. Big Star

‘Big Star’ is one of the albums most stripped back moments. There really is nothing to hide on this song as she just sings over minimalist guitar chords with her distinct vocals adding that melodramatic essence. And it’s fitting because this song addresses the grieving process of losing her dog Pearl in 2019. It’s emotional, romantic, and honest. It’s an unconditional love song that celebrates the big star they are in your life no matter if they are gone or still here. 

3. California 

Honing the sun-soaked aesthetic, ‘California’ is a song all about the present. Dedicated to Los Angeles, this love-letter to the state where she spends a lot of time now is also a detailed reflection on the hard truths behind her career and celebrity status. Sonically it’s such a dreamy and psychedelic track that has this gorgeous melody that you’ll want to hear over and over again. 

2. Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All)

‘Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All)’ is the song that is sonically and thematically the closest to ‘Melodrama’. Written as a direct conversation to a younger version of herself, she tries to pass down her knowledge of what is to come. It feels really candid and has this raw honesty embedded that will have you questioning if you really would want to know what the future holds. 

But the most exciting part of this song is the spoken word outro from Robyn who plays the air hostess to this whole journey. And she delivered some very quotable and relatable lines that will hitting you right in the feelings like; “Your emotional baggage can be picked up at carousel number two. Please be careful so it doesn’t fall onto someone you love”. A giant OOOFT moment. 

  1. Mood Ring

Now, let’s be honest; ‘Mood Ring’ should’ve been the lead single to this album. The satirical track is a commentary on society and how people look at so many different things to tell them how to feel instead of just checking in with themselves and allowing them to be present with their emotions. It also packs the catchiest hook on the album, with the dreamy melody just circling your head for hours after listening. It’s a simple but mesmerising song that is truly the centrepiece of this album.

‘Solar Power’ is out now!