SINGLE REVIEW: The Wombats – If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You

This global pandemic reminded me that The Wombats are not actually an Australian band. When festivals returned I was quite shocked to not see The Wombats on every line up like they used to be, but then I remembered they’re actually a British band and aren’t allowed in the country at the moment. It’s a bit of a sad time, but that’s changing really soon as the dynamic three piece are finally returning in June 2022 with a new album in tow.

Their fifth studio album ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ will be released on January 7, and to be honest, that title alone is something some people in my life need to personally hear. Following in the footsteps of the experimentally charged lead single ‘Method To The Madness’, they’ve dropped another new song that changes the pace up completely. ‘If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You’ is a punchy, festival ready track that feels like a signature The Wombats song. It sounds like it’s been directly taken off ‘This Modern Glitch’ or ‘Glitterbug’ with its pulsating underlining synths, punchy drum pattern and guitar riffs, and Murph’s distinct vocals. Capturing an anthemic and bold sound that is ultimately directed for the live stage, there is a polar contrast with the introspective lyrical content. 

Reflecting on the strain of inter-personal relationships in recent times, they highlight how we all seem to hold on instead of letting go when we know we really should. “And if you ever leave, I’m coming with you. Stuck to the gum that’s stuck on your shoe” Murph sings during the honest but pulsating hook. And personally, I am that person that continues to hold on, even though I know we’ve reached the end of the road. I will happily go over the cliff with someone that safely park and walk away. So this is my new anthem, and it can be yours too.