SINGLE REVIEW: Larkins – This Is Gonna Hurt

Currently in the middle of a huge UK tour, Larkins are celebrating their return to stage in an extra special way. This tour is the official warm up to their debut album ‘JCOY’ which will finally be released on October 8 *cue screams*. The Manchester four piece have followed this announcement with dropping another song from the record, and it’s a big anthemic track that you’ll eagerly want to experience live ASAP. 

‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ is a song all about knowing something isn’t meant for a long-term duration and that an end date is inevitable, but not being afraid to revel in the moment for a little longer. Sometimes we just have to appreciate the perfect moments in relationships and situations for what they are, and be okay to let everything else go but hold onto that positive memory. “Another cut, you stitch me up, there’s nothing wrong with being broken. We might be dumb but we both know that this is gonna hurt” lead vocalist Josh Noble sings. 

Soaked in dark-pop synths and drum beats, they play with levels of light and shade to really give this song some punchy moments. Sonically reminiscent of The 1975, LANY and FOALS, they also add some different vocoder effects on Nobles vocals throughout the duration which again adds to the different light and shade. 

‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ is a singalong moment, and it’s one that is going to get you really excited for their debut album which is only just around the corner now.