In the search for a new heartbreak song to make your personality trait? Well CXLOE has got you covered with one of the most relatable tracks of young love and heartbreak that takes a slightly different angle than you’d expect. ‘Soft Rock’ is dedicated to the coming-of-age heartbreak that left you scrambling to pick up the pieces of a heart you never thought would break. Turning to soft rock music to get you through the distinct hurt, it was a coping mechanism especially in the mid 2000’s that was embraced in a symbolic way of solitude with everyone else feeling the same way. Kelly Clarkson ‘Breakaway’, Blink 182’s ‘I Miss You’, and Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’ were some of the go-to songs that you’d have on a constant loop on your iPod Touch, Shuffle, or Mini. 

Embracing that sentiment, CXLOE has honed that emotion with her own soft-rock track that pays homage to all the songs that soundtracked her youthful heartbreaks. It celebrates the very literal approach to trying to be okay in a moment where your whole life feels turned upside down.  

“I dye my hair black my hands are stained. I try to wash you out of my brain. I take a shot and clench my teeth. Only wanna bite down on it if it’s you and me” she sings during the opening moments as she explains her coping mechanisms in that exact moment. She then goes on to admit; “Didn’t know it then when I was with you that I was walking into a mistake. And after everything I really shouldn’t miss you, but I’m listening to soft rock everyday, since you’ve been gone”.

With a breathy vocal, a gritty guitar riff, and a atmospheric pop mix, she immediately hones this emotional soundscape that transports you back to a time you were laying on your bed crying about someone you don’t even think about anymore. The chorus then explodes with this anthemic drum heavy release of emotions that feels very cathartic, and I’m ALL here for it. 

Following the release of ‘Heavy, Pt. 1’ last year, the Sydney based singer-songwriter is preparing for the release of Pt. 2 later this year, and with ‘Cry & Drive’ and ‘Soft Rock’ setting the tone, I’m ready to cry and dance a whole lot more.