SINGLE REVIEW: Approachable Members Of Your Local Community – Strong Enough

It’s been a little while in-between releases for Approachable Members Of Your Local Community, but the Melbourne indie-pop band are back and they have an exciting new vocalist joining the line up. Sage Mellet brings a whole new dynamic and contrast to the band with her dreamy vocals that listeners, and the band themselves, didn’t know these songs needed. You may be familiar with Sage’s name as she is the sister of Troye Sivan and Tyde Levi, but as she steps into this new role she boldly introduces herself to the world through the playful stylings of this band. 

Their first single together is the pulsating ‘Strong Enough’ which is a breezy indie-pop song with a big singalong ready hook. Beginning with atmospheric pop production and a groovy guitar riff, the track glides through its duration with with Sage and Josh Blashki both on vocal duties. The chorus holds this really anthemic and cathartic release of emotions as they exclaim “I feel finally strong enough to leave this”. 

Exploring the things that we hold onto because they once provided a warmth and love in our hearts, this song is all about the process it takes to get to being okay to move on. It’s a journey, and it takes time to be ready to let go and often people shame others for taking their time to get there, but everyone’s path is different. However we all get to the other side eventually, and that is what this song celebrates. ‘“t’s been weighing me down but I believe that I am finally strong enough” they admit. 

‘Strong Enough’ is an exciting teaser of what is to come from this new chapter for Approachable Members Of Your Local Community. It’s a song with a whole lot of heart, as well as a pulsating production that will have you ready to enthusiastically singalong at a live show very soon. 


Friday 1 October – The Zoo, Brisbane
Saturday 2 October – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne