WALTA is the brand new musical project by rising Brisbane singer-songwriter Chloe Minogue. After introducing herself to listeners through her collaborative releases with Melrose and some moody and pulsating solo pop tracks, she wants to unravel another side to her artistry with a raw vulnerable contrast. 

‘Can We Be Friends?’ is the first preview of this new project and it hears her citing Julia Michaels and Clairo as big sonical references. This intimate soundscape is heavily centred around the lyrics and vocal delivery instead of building it up to be a big pop moment with different production layers. Beginning with simple piano chords, she adds quiet pulsating synths to give a complimentary atmosphere. There are moments in the song that you could imagine drums and bolder synths perfectly sliding in to build up the sonic, but it works beautifully as just a tender intimate moment. 

Reflecting on the end of a toxic friendship, she ponders whether she’s ready to let them back in after 6 months when they hit her up saying “I miss you. Can we be friends?”. With the emotions from that friendship still vividly there, she manages to dissect it and question if it would be healthy and good to let them back in. “And I know that it’s over. And I know that its just not right. But you’ll call me up at night, you’ll try apologise. And if I’m being honest, I want you to know, can we be friends, babe?” she sings. 

‘Can We Be Friends?’ is a beautiful and raw beginning for WALTA. It sets the vulnerable foundations for the candid and honest reflections that are to come from this new chapter for Chloe Minogue.