RÜFÜS DU SOL are no strangers to giving listeners an emotionally fuelled soundtrack to introspective yearning. Their return to music following their Grammy nominated album ‘Solace’ was the dark and moody stylings of ‘Alive’. Deeply rooted in finding hope within the darkness, this track heard them acknowledging the painful thoughts that weigh so many of us down, and the contrast was highlighted through an electronic production with pulsating surges.

Returning with the next single from their forthcoming fourth studio album, ‘Next To Me’ focuses on more of a positive and euphoric storyline. Proclaiming the heartfelt feelings of true love, lead vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist sings about knowing from the moment you meet someone that they’re the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. “Ever since I first looked in your eyes I said, ‘You’re the one’” he confesses before later stating; “There’s a lifetime in front of me. And when my time runs out, I want to feel you standing next to me”. *Insert collective awww*. It’s a very universal message of love that everyone will be able to relate to, and it will have you immediately thinking of that one special person in your life. 

Opening with a piano key similar to ‘Runaway’ from Kanye West, the song oozes into this melancholic electronic production that has layers of darkness and moodiness. But they layer it with sweet harmonies and upbeat synths that take into this euphoric space. It’s a song that you can immediately imagine feeling so magical at a music festival, and you’ll want to experience it in that space ASAP.