SINGLE REVIEW: Lizzo feat. Cardi B – Rumors

It’s finally Lizzo szn, and we’re SO ready! It’s been 2 years since she dropped her Grammy award winning third studio album ‘Cuz I Love You’, and we’ve been craving her self empowering anthems and pure sassy lyrics ever since. Well now it’s time to step back into your alter-ego and get ready to shut down all those rumours as you singalong to what is going to be another future smash hit for her. 

‘Rumors’ hears the singer-songwriter embracing her playful pop and hip-hop infused sonic in a punchy 2.53 minute track full of attitude and confidence. The production is bassy, and oozes this unapologetic energy that is ridiculously addictive. Adding in horns during the chorus, and big rock n roll inspired electric guitars, she uses this moment to make a message of black music history, and showcase all of her constant inspirations.

Addressing the way the media obsessively talks about her, her weight, her cultural impact and her creative decisions, she takes control of her own narrative. Acknowledging the rumours that are out there about her, she once-and-for-all sets the record straight. “They don’t know I do it for the culture, goddamn. They say I should watch the shit I post, oh, goddamn. Say I’m turnin’ big girls into hoes, oh, goddamn. They say I get groupies at my shows, oh, goddamn” she sings before importantly questioning; “Why you spendin’ all your time tryna break a woman down? Realer shit is goin’ on, baby, take a look around”. She even makes sure she lets everyone know that she hasn’t fucked drake… well.. yet anyways.

Teaming up with Cardi B, it’s quite shocking that it’s taken this long for this unbelievable duo to team up. They compliment each other so effortlessly, and both of their charismatic energy is contagious. From the moment the song starts you’ll just want to dance and throw your hands in the air and live off their energy.