SINGLE REVIEW: Deb Never feat. Jim-E Stack – Sweet & Spice

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Deb Never is preparing the release of her new EP ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’ which is slated for September 10. Following the release of ‘Someone Else’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Disassociate’, she’s honed a dark, brooding and intimate sound that fuses pop, rock and hip-hop influences together. 

To coincide with the announcement of the EP, she’s dropped a new single with Jim-E Stack that perfectly brings together these different sounds for a guitar led alt-pop track. With heavy vocoder mixed through her vocals, there is a distorted and glitchy feel to the production that will immediately grab your attention along with its catchy melody. Playing with light and shade, she gives you moments of light dreaminess before getting a little darker and sonically heavier on the chorus, but still managing to stay in an alt-pop soundscape. 

Exploring a toxic relationship, ‘Sweet & Spice’ highlights the addictive nature of how it can draw you in and seem so ideal, and then you start to notice all the toxic traits that aren’t so ideal. It’s a rabbit hole of realisation. “Say the word, I’ll take the ride, I’m falling fast. But if I die, it’s worth the life, my sweet and spice” she sings as she finds herself stuck in the loop. 

‘Sweet & Spice’ is a dreamy little track that carries a reflective punch, and it’s quite the addictive listen.