SINGLE REVIEW: Chelsea Cutler – You Can Have It

Chelsea Cutler’s sophomore studio album is officially on its way, and she’s ready to have you deep in your emotions with her introspective storytelling. Her lead single ‘Walking Away’ is one of 2021’s best break-up songs, with her vivid songwriting having you aching in pain along with her even if you aren’t currently in a heartbreak state. But for her follow-up single she doesn’t want to make you cry. Instead she wants to celebrate love, and give you a summer anthem that can soundtrack the moment you fall for someone so effortlessly. 

‘You Can Have It’ perfectly embodies the raw and euphoric feelings of falling in love with someone. It’s the notion of wanting to do anything for them, no matter what it might be. It’s all about being 100% in the moment with them, and not caring about whatever else is happening around you. It’s about wanting to give them your all and having no questions asked. You’ll do whatever it takes to make them as happy as they make you, and that’s a really beautiful thing. “If you want it, you can have it. Play my body like a habit. Anything, anything that you want, that I got, that’s for you” she sings during the infectious hook. 

Complimenting the young-love lyricism, the production really hones that euphoric energy so effortlessly. It’s quite minimalistic, but it feels large because of all the heart behind it. Led by an acoustic guitar and simple pop beat she builds up the production by layering vocals in the chorus to create this festival ready singalong. 

While this song isn’t meant to be an emotional track that you cry along to, there is a heavy sentimental element to that raw young-love that could trigger some memories that in-turn might leave you feeling emotional. And if you’re an over emotional water sign like myself, then you could even just cry listening to it because it makes you think of how lucky you are to know someone, and that’s DEEP.