SINGLE REVIEW: Kito feat. Bea Miller – Steal My Clothes

Last year Kito gave us one of the best break-up anthems through her FLETCHER collaboration ‘Bitter’. The honest song didn’t hold back from detailing the raw thoughts that circle through your head during a devastating break-up where you watch your ex move on with so much ease. Their songwriting incorporated this slight playful sass that contrasted the emotional intensity of the situation. Now the Australian producer has teamed up with Bea Miller to give you another sassy pop-dance moment that explores a toxic relationship. 

On the surface level ‘Steal My Clothes’ is a playful track about a romantic interest leaching off you, and using you for your clothes, food, alcohol and bed. But for some reason even though you know it’s not okay, you don’t want to cut them off because the sex is great and you do enjoy their company. When you start reading between the lines then the toxicity starts to unravel, and a new perspective of what Bea Miller is singing about becomes quite apparent. “You don’t love me you just steal my clothes, live in my house cause I can’t say no. Let you in, now you’re way too close, but I don’t know how to let you go” she sings. 

Contrasting these lyrics with an upbeat and playful production, this is a song that you’ll immediately want to scream out on a dance floor. There is a tropical pop-dance bounce to it that feels very 2015-2016, and I would love to hear that sound come back more and trap-pop and mumble rap take a backseat.