SINGLE REVIEW: Cate – Stupid

Canadian raised and now UK based rising star Cate is a singer-songwriter that you need to be acquainted with. Like at this stage there is no if’s, but’s, or maybe’s about it. If you’re a fan of Julia Michaels, Maisie Peters or Sasha Sloan then you need to discover Cate as her songwriting is just as honest, satirical and raw. From ‘Can’t Wait To Be Pretty’, to ‘Pity Party’ and ‘Groupie’ she has already showcased a growth and versatility in her artistry as she finds her unique voice. 

‘Stupid’ is the next smash hit waiting to go viral, and it’s genuinely her strongest and catchiest release to date. Sonically found somewhere between Avril Lavigne and early Taylor Swift, this track  has a playful energy that also contrasts an emotional attachment to someone that you know you shouldn’t hold onto. With the pulsating synths and guitar driving the sonic into this “scream at the top of your lungs” soundscape, you will feel a real euphoric energy move through you. 

Written about that one person you still think about and know you shouldn’t be, you play with the idea of what if you heard from them. “It’s only gonna take one push to knock me over. One small text and I’ll be under you. And I know it’s what I shouldn’t do, but I’m stupid and I want to” she sings during the big pop hook. But the lyric I love is “And 99 percent of the time, I don’t miss you and I swear I’m doing alright” as it shows the contrast of knowing that you don’t need them, but there is a part of you that wants them even if it is just for a one night stand. 

We all have that one person we will think of when we hear this song, and that’s what makes this song is relatable as it’s such a universal and normal feeling. But there is that one person that also jumps into your head that you know this song is definitely not about, like you will never go there again, but if you posted it on your social media then they’d think you were referencing them. And that’s another playful side to this song as it’s kinda like, who does this song make me think of?