Earlier this year LEX introduced herself to the world through her dark, brooding and pulsating debut single ‘C’est La Vie’. Sonically found somewhere in-between FLETCHER, CXLOE, BANKS and Billie Eilish, she unveiled this emotionally layered sound that contrasted vulnerable unravelling’s with a dark pop twist. Her follow-up single ‘Bitter’ continues that sonical exploration, with an even more intoxicating punch. 

With a pulsating and hypnotic synth driving the chorus, LEX has teamed up with Oscar Sharah to hone the dark production that pays a nod to Rihanna’s hit single ‘Needed Me’. She manages to  find a distinct energy within the song that doesn’t feel forced and isn’t over-powered by the dark foundations of the song. It really finds its own organic groove that compliments the introspective reflection she ponders. 

Lyrically she reflects on her upbringing with tough love and questions how that has impacted her as she enters adulthood and experiences different relationships and hardships. It’s a really interesting commentary on how we are conditioned to react and feel a particular way, but how that then looks in a bigger picture as you step into the world. “It’s making me bitter. Been left with a taste I can’t escape” she sings during the hypnotic hook. 

With only two songs out in the world, LEX has already proven herself to be a newcomer that you NEED to get acquainted with.