GALLERY: Behind The Scenes Of Evann McIntosh’s Music Video For COCO PEBBLES

The dreamy coming-of-age stylings of Evann McIntosh have been soundtracking your emotional leaning playlists for the past 3 years, and they’ve got more reflective vibes coming your way. Following the success of ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’, ‘WIYULD’ and ‘JENN!FER AN!STON’, the Kansas based singer-songwriter is releasing their new EP ‘Character Development’ on August 27. 

To coincide with the exciting announcement, they’ve also dropped a brand new single ‘COCO PEBBLES’ (out now!) which is a jazz inspired pop track full of playful character. Exploring the youthful feelings of falling in love, they compare the intoxicating feeling to getting a second serve of your favourite breakfast cereal in the morning. It’s super playful, and relatable that it will have you immediately sliding along with this funky production. “She’s my second cup of coco pebbles every morning. Pour over me like milk, yeah” they sing. 

To celebrate the release of ‘COCO PEBBLES’, Evann McIntosh is bringing behind the scenes of the music video through this exclusive BTS photo gallery. Check it out BELOW;

Photos by Caleb Carnell and Evann McIntosh

‘COCO PEBBLES’ is out now!